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    m38inmaine new M1008

    Yup that is forklift damage. From talking to the local GL guy it appears that the people at Mechanicsburg say they don't have keys for the CUCV, so they move them that way. BS. This otherwise would have been a very nice M1008. Now it needs a bit of repair.
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    m38inmaine new M1008

    This are the pics I took of m38inmaine's truck while inspecting it for him. He can't access photobucket where he is, so this thread is actually get the pics to him. I hope others like it though.
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    m35 preview can i try to start truck

    If I was new to the trucks I would not go around starting or jump starting the deuces. You may end up damaging a truck thereby getting yourself in trouble or you could even hurt yourself. They are older style vehicles that have been sitting for sometime. They may not have fluids, belts, flooded...
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    I need a suspension part for my deuce, who has a parts truck

    Some of the hangers from today's auction look like they might have been the ones you need. Auction 3391 Lot 3200
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    Can I burn Amsoil in my multi?

    RE: Re: RE: Can I burn Amsoil in my multi? It has been a bit since I read this, but as I remember it the government changed the definition of synthetic oil years back. Originally synthetic meant that the oil was made in a lab for jet plane use, and was not from crude as I understand it. The...
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    Can I burn Amsoil in my multi?

    Good question as Amsoil is as you say the only true synthetic oil out there anymore. I suspect it will be just fine though. Perhaps contact Amsoil for a MSDS sheet on their product, and contact a regular oil company for their MSDS on their oil I make a bet as long as the ingnition temperature is...
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    M35A2 Security

    There is no such thing as "theft proof". Just slowing down the theft if the thief is determined. There are some good past thread on door locks, ingnition locks, and steering wheel chains. The search feature should be of great help in finding these useful tips.
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    FMTV / LMTV top on M35

    Glad to see that is worked out so well. It actually appears to fit fairly well. I know the LMTV has a more flat top then the bowed M35. That does not appear to be anything that can't be worked around. Like you were saying too you can stand upright with is a very nice thing.
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    CUCV prices

    You can talk as much as you want about past auctions, or trends in MV pricing. As I understand it the rules were implemented to prevent bid colusion. There are plenty of good past threads on pricing trends, but past threads on this subject are of course outdated.
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    Spin on conversion DONE !!! M809 NHC 250

    Good catch there bottleworks. I have been very happy with the quality of WIX filters, and thier upgraded truck filters are even nicer. Getting a 5 micron filter in the truck with a built in bypass filter would be quite an upgrade. Thank goodness you can do it with cheap off the shelf parts too...
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    Smoke this...

    Normally I would think that flame coming out of an exhaust would indicate something was wrong too. I wish my truck did that...I am jealous:)
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    Deuce TMs

    Thanks Kenny. I always hated going through all the TM trying to figure out what what M35 and not.
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    Spin on conversion DONE !!! M809 NHC 250

    I don't know about Fleetguard, but Wix lists(51970) thier version at 20microns. Napa sells the Wix filter (Napa number 1970) for $25.49.
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    Closed topic - "Savannah to Atlanta 3x - $2,400" (

    RE: Savannah to Atlanta 3x - $2,400 (yes there I am sorry if you are put off by some of the responses you got. The public ones raised some good concerns I thought. Like you were saying you wanted to be upfront with the deal. I am sure for the right person with the right truck this might be a...
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    Closed topic - "Savannah to Atlanta 3x - $2,400" (

    RE: Savannah to Atlanta 3x - $2,400 (yes there If the driver has to use his own fuel to make those runs then the title should be changed to be about $2020 as the fuel to run your pickup is all cost to the driver not profit reducing the potential profit by about $400. The supposed profit of...
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