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    It's just like your Blazer

    At least its not a Kia
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately? - Part 1

    drilled holes for antenna mount....the bolts in the kit are to short by 1/4 inch...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately? - Part 1

    Welded weapons mounts back in, Worked on rot in tailgate...
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    Para Cord Steering Wheel Wrap

    have not done mine yet, to many other things going on....snow
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    Painting Combat jumps M1028

    looks good, how long and how much paint?
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    Two-tone grill?

    i like the black
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    CUCV tool kit...what do you carry?

    cell phone
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    mounting jerry can m1009

    i am going to extend one of the rear pull/loading shackles with a peice of tube, then mount the can on the top of the extension..the bad thing is i will have to take the can off the bracket to open the rear gate on the 1009
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    Para Cord Steering Wheel Wrap

    bought 50' today at the gun show in Louisville, hope it is enough....
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    Help! What primer can I paint RAPCO over same day?

    I rolled rustolum red on the top of my 1009, used a smooth nap roller, kind of "sealed it" so it did not take so much paint, also used it on some of the body, scuffed the primer with 320 grit sand paper on the metal, then rapco paint, looks pretty good
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    Do you remove the brush guard before painting?

    went to tractor supply, asked for some of the cardboard that comes on the bottoms of the pallets, used it to mask off the guard when painting the front, the pushed it over against the grill to paint the guard...great for taget backers as well..
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    HMMWVs Off Road Use Only?

    Find a salvaged Chevy 4x4 truck, get the title and Vin Plate--- attach the vin plate to the dash, apply for a "Rebuilt Custom Car Title"
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    Installing 12v accesories on CUCV 24v system

    Thanks for the insight, I have 4 things I want to hook up: 2 way, MTD, stereo, cell charger and maybe a rechargeable flashlight--so this will work for it...
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    Tips for storing a CUCV

    dont put plastic on paint, it will get wet between plastic and paint and cause issues...needs air btween cover and body
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    Installing 12v accesories on CUCV 24v system

    Where can you buy a fused block, name brand? Radio Shack? or use the one the radio connector from the back right side wall of a 1009??
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